Well Said Wednesday…
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Well Said Wednesday…


I love quotes. The words of others seem to resonate within me like a song that you can’t get out of your head. I replay those words in times when they seem so relevant and fitting and try to learn from them.  When I started seeing these letter boards appear all over Instagram and Facebook I knew I had to get one. My first thought was to put it in my office and add a favorite quote on there as a permanent fixture or art piece for me to enjoy as I blog the night away. However, when I got home I realized I had a better place for it: right next to my front door for all to see as they enter and exit. I decided to use it as a way for me to inspire my own children in their daily lives. Like most kids, my kids thrive on positive reinforcement and encouragement. They absolutely love this! I’ve even heard them repeat it to each other and they are trying to come up with the next saying to put on the board. I love the idea of leaving them with a little bit of inspiration as they walk out of the door they see a great little quote to get them though the day. What would be your message would you like to see before you head off for the day?

Grab your own message board:

Here are a few from amazon I love!





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