Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale- Kids!
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Nordstrom Half Yearly Sale- Kids!


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“Playing dress up begins at age 5 and truly never ends.” Kate Spade

I love playing dress up with my kids almost as much as I love dressing myself. My daughter has her own sense of style which is typically a little more eccentric than mine. Frilly skirts, rainbow prints, head bands, and heels (yes at age 6!) are her absolute must haves! Letting go of having control over your kids clothing is hard but I love that she has her own sense of style and is unwilling to change for anyone.

Turning 11, my son has just started to enter to world of fashion. He loves shoes (yes that love runs deep in our family), hats and prints. He combines his sporty look with his love of cool prints and fun graphic tees. This year he will be graduating from 5th grade and he is looking to find the perfect sport coat to complete his look for this milestone.

With two kids it is important to find a good deal and the quality that will outlast summer days on the playground. Nordstrom anniversary sales is a must for moms. Free shipping, Nordstrom quality, inexpensive finds, and the peace of mind to know you can return anything your opinionated little people don’t like. Here is what I ordered from this Nordstrom Half yearly sale. Can’t wait to play dress up with my kids!