Friday 5 Item Inspiration
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Friday 5 Item Inspiration


This weekend I’m headed on a girls trip! I know just even saying it aloud makes me squeal a little! This fall has been so busy I can’t wait to leave the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the hands of my highly capable husband. It’s so hard for us moms to find time to ourselves much less a trip away for a weekend but my advice is simply make it happen. I have been talking about doing a trip like this for almost a year and then woke up one day and said if I don’t book the ticket it will never happen. So, we booked tickets and everything has fallen into place. We have a few restaurants and rooftop bars on the agenda and since it will be very warm where we are going I knew I needed a good summer outfit with a fall feeling. I love this velvet cami dress. Seriously it is only $13 so easy and cool but the velvet adds the element of a must try fall trend. This bag is my favorite right now. The size is big enough to hold everything and the sequins makes it the perfect dress up or dress down clutch. I love these earrings and pretty much every other earring at JCrew. If you don’t already own a pair of nude sandals RUN don’t walk to the nearest Nordstrom. I’m not sure how you are living without them! So versatile they go with everything and can be worn at night or at work.  And although it’s looking like I won’t need a leather jacket it’s always good to have a few fall transition pieces and this jacket does not disappoint. Can’t wait to wear this ensemble out with the girls and hopefully I have inspired you to book that next vacation!






Where are you going on your next girls trip?