Christmas Traditions
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Christmas Traditions

I LOVE this picture because it really shows both of my kids personalities! Madalyn is so sneaky and cute at the same time and Thomas is so laid back I can totally see him getting tangled up by his sister. 

My husband told me if these went on social media he would be so upset! But I think its too cute not to share! 

My cousin who is my photographer had the cutest ideas with these pictures!

This may be one of my favorite pics from the session! 

“I will honor Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all the year.” -Charles Dickens

What is more iconically Christmas than a great Charles Dickens quote? I wanted to share with you our Christmas card photos we did this year and share a few of the traditions that our family does on Christmas day.

Growing up we lived in Germany for several years. We often would celebrate St. Nicholas day, December 6th. Putting our shoes outside our doors the night before, we would anxiously await the next morning when we would find small treats and candy in our shoes. It’s a cute little tradition that really gets you in the holiday spirit early in the year.

Even as an adult I can’t wait to open presents on Christmas. The days before the 25th seems to slowly inch by as I bounce off the walls in anticipation. My brother and I always got around this feeling of unrest by exchanging presents on Christmas eve. Whether it is festive jammies, a sweet treat or a small toy it is always fun to open something a little early.

If you have never heard of the pickle tradition you have to get one today! It will be here just in time and it is so much fun! Each year, a pickle ornament is hidden on the tree and the first person to find it gets a special gift. My mom always had a hard time finding a gender neutral gift so I think we ended up just getting an extra gift no matter who won but the fun and excitement was fun!

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My favorite tradition is one my mom started on her own. My mom always saves one gift and gives it to us at the end of the day on Christmas. After the excitement has died down and all the gifts have been unwrapped, settling down at the end of the night, realizing that the moment you have waited months for has past there is a sad little feeling. A whole year until this moment will come again. It was at this moment, my mom would take out one more gift she had saved for the end of the night. Every year I would forget about this tradition; it is always a surprise. One simple act lifts your spirits at the end of the night and sends you to bed with the excitement that had filled the morning hours.  I have never heard of everyone else doing this before and I think it is a great idea!

I can’t wait for Christmas morning and to carry on old traditions and make new ones. What are your favorite Christmas traditions?