“Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.”
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“Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.”

My scarf used as a headband is here.

Cute tan alternative to mine which is sold out

This bra top is actually from target and I love a lot of their swimwear.

My bestie and fellow blogger Sarah from Dear Penelope. Check out here blog here.

.My exact Red swimsuit.This scarf is actually a sarong purchased at a local boutique folded up to make a great statement headband

My cover-up skirt is here

Similar suits to my white one: Here and here

“Smell the sea and feel the sky, let your soul and spirit fly.” – Van Morrison

Close your eyes and think about the one place in the world that relaxes your mind, frees you from the daily struggle of life’s small problems and leaves you with nothing to worry about except when you will take your nap. Where is this place for you? For me, it’s at the beach. Yes even with kids. I have always been a ball of stress and anxiety but for some reason the cool breeze and the monotonous sound of the waves crashing on the shore line leaves me feeling so calm. Of course, the kids running around kicking sand on the other beach goers and tackling the waves deep into the water does give me a fair amount of anxiety, but the beach really has a powerful impact on me that leaves me in a tranquil mood. One of the most important aspects that goes into creating that sense of peace is feeling great in what I am wearing while sunbathing. Now that I am sporting a mom-bod (I guess that is a thing right?!) I need one pieces that provide the right amount of coverage but still leaving me to feel like the young thirty something woman I am. I love ASOS collection of swimsuits and cover-ups. I also love to play around with accessories, tops and skirts to try to find a fashion forward beach look that can transition from the beach to lunch to a grocery run on the way back to the beach house. (#momlife even at the beach) Here are a few looks from our latest beach trip.

Here are a few of my other loves from ASOS and although the summer may be winding down don’t worry there are still plenty of weekends to sport your cute suits at the pool.

This floral suit and this cover up skirt is a perfect option to go with!

A pretty light pink suit here and these shorts would be the perfect combo of sweet and saucy!

If you don’t have a mom bod or have a crazy amount of confidence check this one out!

A perfect combo of black and white!

I love this and if you haven’t tried the high waist trend you need too! It is so comfy!

Check out swimwear from Forever 21 as well. I love this option.